Gigante del Colchón Evolution

The store format most frequent of this chain was ‘store full of mattresses’, without showing its character of retailer. With the evolution of the project, we have been able to transform the space into a retail concept, assisted sale and with more communication to overcome the barrier of having to ask. We developed a retail strategy, an evolution of the Brand and the design of the commercial space.

Sales Area: 170 m2

Developed Items: white box concept; definition of the new layout; props selection; Brief of Lighting and implementation; Visual merchandising techniques; New Colors and Textures; New Facade; Re-creation / re-adaptation of the new brand.

  • Client

    Gigante del Colchón

  • Skills

    • Retail Strategy
    • Store Design
    • Branding
    • Layout
    • Facade
    • Shop Fitting & Props
    • Instore Communication