La Nucia Supermarket's R-Evolution

Design of new Concept and PM, including Retail Strategy, Re-Branding and Commercial Space Design, completely transforming La Nucia Supermarket, guiding it to value the fresh product and the international assortment implemented after carefully observing the type of existing customer .

Sales Area: 2.000 m2

Developed items: new strategy; definition of the new layout; new setting of sections; selection of new furniture; Brief of Lighting and implementation; Visual Merchandising techniques; New colors and textures; Redefining Facade; Modernization of the Brand; In-store comunication; Project Management

(Collaboration with Jos de Vries The Retail Company)

  • Client

    La Nucia Supermarket

  • Skills

    • Retail Strategy
    • Branding
    • Concept Design
    • Interiorism
    • Lighting
    • Facade