Consultoria Diseño retail Cristina Carvajal


Architect (2000) by Superior School of Architecture of Barcelona, with extensive experience and training in Retail.

Postgraduate qualified in Retail Design: Design of Commercial Space (2007) by Elisava School of Design in Barcelona.

Founding member of the Retail Design Institute of Spain.

Retail Business Design Postgraduate Director in Ecola Sert (COAC).

Expert Member of the Retail’s Working Group by COAC.

Guest Teacher in Retail Design Master in BAU

Visual Merchandising & Window dressing Course Director at Escola Sert (COAC).


We base the development of Retail projects on the three levels that we consider essential. On the one hand, Retail Strategy, which determines what the positioning and shopper of the Brand should be. On the other hand, the design of the commercial space and its attributes, ordering all the layers that make it up. Finally, the Branding, to give the defined personality to the commercial space through the total design.


From the strategy to the architecture of the commercial space, moving the new brand to the most ‘high’ experience and innovation and making it tangible, in an open and cross level.
We are characterized by a specific methodology based on the Customer Journey, which approximates the definition of the project through workshops and information obtained from the customer, the expert about the product and its qualities.

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