Jun 2017

As promised ;)

In the previous post, I explained that I have visited the fair par excellence of Retail worldwide, Euroshop 2017 (http://www.euroshop-tradefair.es/). I felt obligation to show you in more detail what I saw and that it seemed to me very interesting. As I believe that a picture is worth than a thousand words, I have prepared a ‘home made’ video (sorry for the simplicity!) to show you pictures of all expositors visited. Click on

(2006). Some time ago, I started my own adventure along the roads of the Retail. A number of aspects of life converged on the same point: on one hand, I came from the sector of distribution, where I had learned the inner workings of the machine and its most intrinsic needs, and consolidated the idea of ​​drawing my own path; on the other hand, I agreed that a collaboration with