Jun 2017

As promised ;)

In the previous post, I explained that I have visited the fair par excellence of Retail worldwide, Euroshop 2017 (http://www.euroshop-tradefair.es/). I felt obligation to show you in more detail what I saw and that it seemed to me very interesting. As I believe that a picture is worth than a thousand words, I have prepared a ‘home made’ video (sorry for the simplicity!) to show you pictures of all expositors visited. Click on

Thanks to the Congress of Architecture celebrated last year in Barcelona, and during the Retail Events organized by the Retail Group of the College of Architects, to which I belong, I participated with a brief talk where I wanted to explain the importance of the Product, the Customer and the Retail Design. First both must be protagonists of each project and without them it is impossible to obtain a satisfactory result. Here