Jun 2017

As promised ;)

In the previous post, I explained that I have visited the fair par excellence of Retail worldwide, Euroshop 2017 (http://www.euroshop-tradefair.es/). I felt obligation to show you in more detail what I saw and that it seemed to me very interesting. As I believe that a picture is worth than a thousand words, I have prepared a ‘home made’ video (sorry for the simplicity!) to show you pictures of all expositors visited. Click on the image below and reach the video:

I would like that, through this video, ‘it pitted you’ beggining to investigate, innovate, share this information and work from this so rewarding aspect for any project.
In several of my presentations, I was trying to explain that, in Spain, this contribution of professionalism is needed to get to the same position as the rest of Europe. We follow in the rear positions to Retail is concerned, when we should be perfectly positions front, because of ‘our’ Retailers, very pioneers within the sector.
I hope that the video will be an inspiration for future designs and I suppose you a stream of fresh air, as it did for me!

My thanks to that I was treated very kindly and exhibitors who have offered me more information from professional contact.

Find below the list of them if you want to contact directly:
SUN D (https://www.sun3dprint.com/)
PROGETTO MENODUE (https://www.progettomenodue.com/)
ATREZZO (http://www.atrezzobarcelona.com/)
SFD (http://sfd.co.uk/)
VITRA (https://www.vitra.com/es-es/page/euroshop)
RICHTER (http://www.richter-akustik-design.de/en/lightbeton-landing-en.html)
MAGNETIC SKINS (http://magneticskins.it/)
LISTONE GIORDANO (https://www.listonegiordano.com/es)
DUKTA (http://dukta.com/)
KRISKADECOR (http://www.kriskadecor.com/es)
FLOS (http://www.flos.com/es/home)
TGD (http://www.tgd.it/es/)
KENDU (http://www.kendu.com/es)
OCTANORM (https://www.octanorm.com/es/Home?)
ORGANOID TECHNOLOGIES (http://www.organoids.com/es/)

Coming back from holidays with a lot of energy!

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