(2006). Some time ago, I started my own adventure along the roads of the Retail. A number of aspects of life converged on the same point: on one hand, I came from the sector of distribution, where I had learned the inner workings of the machine and its most intrinsic needs, and consolidated the idea of ​​drawing my own path; on the other hand, I agreed that a collaboration with a Dutch retail design company was starting, and that’s why I was invited for them to visit, for the first time, the great fair of the sector, Euroshop; finally, I sensed that I should do pedagogy of my specialization throughout my professional career and I was looking for the best allies, colleagues who spoke the same language than me and who contributed to transmit the needs and benefits of Retail.
(2017). And here I am again. Dusseldorf, Germany. More than ten years have passed. At this spot, as usually is normal in this kind of adventures, some desires have been fulfilled. And others are on the way. But the illusion is still intact, like the first day! Although reality has gained ground. Experience is what it is!
I see around me, with great joy, that younger architects are looking for specialized learning, of Retail Designers (as the American canons say!). From the architects association to which I belong, we are pursuing it and we have laid the good basis to continue on the training project. Essential if we want to be a world leader in the sector. In addition, we have managed to create, among a few colleagues, the Retail Work group, with the association itself giving us support, where we organize events related to our field, which give us visibility and new points of view. We wait for you, of course.
In a more personal way, today I present my new space in the cloud, more modern, current and communicative, with the firm intention of keeping you up to date with everything that we organize and the Retail agenda, with the events that take place in the sector. I want to be able to offer you my most sincere opinion of what I see and generate debate, so that we can all participate. I love being able to listen to your thoughts and share my thoughts as well.
I take the opportunity to introduce you to the usual team of colleagues, who contribute to generate debate and transmit their knowledge for the benefits of the profession. We all form what we call the three levels of the Retail projects: Space, Strategy and Branding. We focus all projects from interdisciplinary collaboration and collective creation: without you, alone, we can not do it!
And to achieve success, Innovation, our best contribution to each project: see what innovates the market and observe the new trends. And here is the reason for this writing: Euroshop 2017. Those who were in the last edition, who then noticed the economic crisis and the budgets for I+D were short in the presentation of news. However, in this edition, we have seen many new ideas, fresh, renewed sap and more and more Spanish public, which leads us to think that, little by little, we started to ‘beat’ them years at the time to be able to get on the European train and worldwide. After all, a Spanish company is the one that has put us in the international orbit of Retail. Thank you mr. Inditex 😉
And what surprised you, you wonder? Well, to summarize, the most interesting thing we’ve seen is that everything is on movement. Lighting running through rails, moving screens on fixed windows, basic moving leds on canvas screens, and more, much more. And besides the movement, the ‘fakes’: everything it seems, it is NOT. Canvases simulating rigid walls, solid materials that are not, fixed figures that are in motion, flexible and ductile woods, glass bricks, and everything you can imagine that simulates a physical form but part of a fictional image. I would call it disruption. Everything seems to be still but, in reality, everything is flexible and changing. The Retail itself, then.
In short, an essential fair to keep up with all the elements that are part of the sector and, above all, to refresh ideas and be updated. It’s like opening a window in your inner world! For the next edition, I am waiting for you all.

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