Retail Specialists

Milimetric is a Consultant for the Creation of Retail Concepts, which develops customized projects for each customer.

We are all specialists, and we assemble multidisciplinary teams for each case, putting the focus on Innovation and contributing, in each project, a 360-degree vision.

We create, then, spaces where everything is possible, including disruption, that is, we offer its users new and unforeseeable approaches.

We are characterized by a specific Methodology based on the Customer Journey, which approaches the definition of the project through workshops and information obtained from the customer, the best knower of the product itself and its qualities.

We base the development of new Retail concepts in the three levers that we consider essential: Retail Strategy, Branding and Commercial Space Design.

First, the Retail Strategy, which determines what the positioning and the shopper should be and allows the value proposition of the brand to be transferred to the point of sale. On many occasions, we find that the brands have a very developed Marketing plan, but they need to translate it into the Retail to implement it inside the store.
In Milimetric we analyze the data that the client gives us, and we define a design briefing, essential for the interior designers and architects that will develop the commercial space.

Second, Branding and its application within the store. By our experience, we know that transferring messages, creating sensations and showing the commitment of each Brand requires understanding, interpreting and recreating it in an aligned manner.
At Milimetric, we determine what the communication matrix should be and propose the first lines of work. Later, we determine the location, design and final arts, always thinking of providing the commercial space with a coherent and understanding discourse.

Finally, the Commercial Design of space. We think that the store is an exchange platform in which things happen. The retailer has something to tell and the consumer is willing to feel. Therefore, we must pay the utmost attention to ensure that the dialogue flows through an environment aligned with what the Brand wants to explain.
In a project that is born from scratch, we will design the white box, with an ideal dimension. This will help us determine exactly the layout, to accommodate the assortment; to give personality to the commercial space through design, aligning it with the value proposition of the brand; put the product in its ideal frame, through furniture and lighting; attract the client’s attention from the façade. In short, generate experience through the spatial proposal. All this always accompanied by the Innovation, analyzing the market and observing the best practices.
In an existing project, we will audit the point of sale, analyzing various factors that influence the client’s behavior. We will see the points of action and we will make a strategic improvement plan to optimize the point of sale. Based on this analysis, we will decide with the client where to act.

At Milimetric, we know the impact of commercial interior design on the transmission of brand experience. Therefore, we are very demanding with each nuance of the project and we work through workshops to accompany our customer in its project. ‘We travel’ with him, hand in hand, to endow each project with its own personality.

From the strategy to the design of the commercial space, treating the Brand in the most experiential and innovative facet and making it tangible, in an open and transversal framework.

Welcome to the experience!


Architecture on Retail

We work on Layout format and development, definition of the 3D space, Look & Feel, Facade, new concept design detailing (including brand book if its needed). Just like that, we can work also in Visual Merchandising definition.

Retail Strategy

Target, positioning, concept design and costumer journey, with all kind of details, in order to get the most detailed Concept Design Brief which will be used for designing the architecture of the space. This step is essential if you do not have an initial conceptual design plan.


Work on the personality of the brand. Detailed analysis of the elements that are part of the brand design inside the store, following the communication matrix of 5 levels (Brand, navigation, inspiration, activation and information).

Prototype Definition

To measure the impact of any project, you need to test it using prototypes, prior to final implementation and full out role. To this end, we detailed specifically drawings and we contact specific vendors for a careful and accurate construction of the new concept.


Brand development projects and activation of it at the point of sale, online as well as offline, maintaining a consistent line with the brand idea obtained.


In existing stores, an examination of the point of sale is performed to detect the strengths and weaknesses, so you can correct and predict what actions should be done to improve the store.

Added Value


Based on the Customer Journey, following the procedure of a real case. We worked on several projects and this expertise help us to understand current problems and to confront it with the certainty that our knowledge benefits the development of the project, based on steps that we consider to set out in each case.


Retail specialists chosen for each stage. We take a view of all projects from a 360º, undertaken by specialists in each area. We create project teams to establish an order of intervention and full participation of each creative.


Method for approaching to the project. We are convinced that every customer knows better than us its own product and its features. To access to this very specific information, we proceed to conduct joint workshops where the customer’s vision is as important as our own expertise. We assume to work together.


Specific contribution of relevant information for each customer, examining global trends, adapted to each sector. Each project requires one kind or another of innovation to improve customer Experience.

Retail Projects

Our extensive professional experience has led us to design a multitude of concepts in several areas. Each one of them is different by itself, solved through direct collaboration with the customer, who knows the product peculiarities, and by the team of experts, created for each project depending on the thematic to solve.

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